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POSKOM PXP-40HF Battery Powered Portable X-ray machine

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POSKOM PXP-40HF Battery Powered Portable X-ray machine

POSKOM PXP-40HF is the most compact and lightweight battry-power, cordless, portable X-ray unit in the medical market today utilizing revolutionary micro technology and a powerful Lithium-lion Battery, it deliver the power up to 3000 mAs without recharging the battery. You can also to captured X-ray of Animals like Horse, Elephant, Dogs, etc.

Generator Type :  Battery poweres HF Generator micro-procesor controller
inverter output (kW) : 2.4kW, 30mA@80kV
kV Range : 40-100kV, 1kV increment
mA Range : 16 to 35 mA, Variable
mAs Range :  .4-100 mAs, 35 selections
Console & Display :   kV & mAs LED Display, Ready &Exp. LED indicator, Collimetor & Laser SW, Preset technique SW, Reversible LED readout SW
Controller Software :  PROM memory 21 ARP Selector, Remort Control program, Programmale Laser beam & Collimeter lamp, Battery Charger LCD indicator, Stand-By mode & Dimmer
X-ray Tube : Fixed Anode type, focal size : 1.2mm, Anode Heat Capacity: 20KHU
Dual Laser : Programmable controller, 26' Auto Focal point Dual Laser
Laser Collimator : Manual : collimator 4 blades, prograble 10sec timer
Auto Compensation : Batter Voltage comp. +10%
Net Weight 30.9 lbs
Size 14"*9"*8"

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